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In my whole life, I have known no wise people who didn’t read all the time- none, zero”- Charlie Munger

Every superinvestor has acknowledged the significant role their reading habit has played in their investing journey. Multiple research studies too have confirmed the importance of reading in an investors’ career and success.

study of 1200 world’s wealthiest people found that all the wealthy folks have one key habit in common – “They self-educate by reading”. Another interesting study of CEO’s found that on an average a Fortune 500 CEO’s generally reads 50 to 60 books a year whereas a normal person manages to read only 1 book a year.

That raises a key question you need to ask yourself:  Are you reading enough?

Which Books to read?

If you are convinced or simply love reading then which books to read? I wish to help you pick the best books to read. All of us aspire to make the best use of our limited time and certainly do not expect it to be spent reading mediocre books.

To help you pick up a great book to read, I am assembling a fine collection of reading lists from successful Superinvestors and from some of the best investing minds out there.

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Best Books for an Investing beginner

If you are an investing beginner, I have done the heavy lifting for you. In my search for the best book for an investing beginner, I have curated 10 suggested reading lists for investing beginners from some of the most reputed publications, tabulated them to find the most recommended books across the 10 lists and finally applied my own G.R.E.A.T criteria ( Generic, Readable, Excitable, Accessible and Timeless) on this shortlist to arrive at the most useful books for beginners.

Stock and Ladder’s Top 5 books

This list reflects the combined wisdom of all the smart investors whose reading lists have been featured in the Stock and Ladder’s Amazon store to arrive at the most recommended books for investors.

Continuous learning is a bare minimum to succeed in any field including investing. I sincerely hope the great books recommended by investing masterminds inspire you to read voraciously and become a lifelong learning machine resulting in great investment success and fulfilling life.

Keep Learning, Happy Investing.

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